Road Widening in Naga City Goes Full Blast

road widening starts naga city

As progress and development sprouts in Uptown Naga City, the Government paves the way to ease access and traffic going to and from Barangays San Felipe, Pacol and Carolina. Road widening and repair are under taken as well on Balatas and San Isidro roads, the loop that connects these barangays to Panicuason, Carolina and Pacol making access to all these barangays to and from the City proper convenient.

road widening to upper barangays naga city

The government’s Road Widening project goes full blast as a local court upholds the decision of the government to cut trees along the major road to enable them to widen the main thoroughfare. This approval is upon the condition that the contractors are to plant more trees for every tree to be cut to compensate for the lost benefit of the trees.

widened section of road to upper barangays naga city

This welcome development would not only make the roads safer. This would also make traffic flow smoother, especially since Uptown Naga City has been sprouting with new subdivisions and a soon-to-open Naga City Industrial Park that would produce thousands of new jobs and eventually encourage migration that would spike economic growth in the area and the city as a whole.

uptown naga city industrial park haciendas de naga fuji

The wider roads would definitely attract more investors to locate in this special development in the city.

Being the best choice for residential buyers due to the cool fresh air and the liveable environment, Uptown Naga City is also free from flooding due to its elevation going up Mt. Isarog.

Resorts and recreational Facilities like Haciendas de Naga have been drawing crowds for locals and visitors, their Golf Course has been getting more popular as more golf enthusiasts from all over Bicol frequent the Premier development of Enjoy Realty and Development Corporation owned by spouses Engineer Emeterio Aman and Mrs. Maleine Aman.

Naga City has been growing exponentially. It is poised to adopt to these developments and prepare for the future through pro-active projects that have been laid down for the future of Naga.

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